Meet LINQ to iOS plugin in Unity Asset Store

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Meet LINQ to iOS plugin in Unity Asset Store

While working on lots of games for our clients for almost 4 years we encountered a lot of various problems or missing features in Unity 3d engine that we use. And we always found solutions for those problems or missing features in form of our own libraries and plugins.

By now we have collected a large code-base of our own libraries and plugins. And then we understood that all the problems we were facing in the past are common and a lot of developers are facing them right now! So we decided to share some libraries from our code-base with other developers in form of assets on the Unity Asset Store. And our debut asset is a LINQ to iOS library.

LINQ is a set of features in .NET Framework that is very popular among developers and is widely used since it simplifies working with data collections and gives a convenient interface for common data operations. LINQ is supported in Unity on all platforms, but not on iOS. Some LINQ methods cause crashes on iOS and that fact discourages developers from using its awesome features in their Unity games.

LINQ to iOS is a library that is completely similar to LINQ and has all the same features, but is working flawlessly on iOS. This way we encourage game developers to make their code simpler and to develop faster by using LINQ for game development.

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